Advocacy Materials to Defend the Affordable Care Act!!

ricardo-alves-208217Learn how the ACA Repeal will reduce and eliminate reproductive freedoms across the country. Here are resources to help you understand and oppose these attempts to repeal the ACA. 

It is clear that we need to sustain our advocacy and organizing efforts against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. CCRF’s Health Care Coverage Committee has collected several key resources to support reproductive freedom advocates! 

Timing is of the essence in terms of getting people out to town halls and rallies. The attempts to repeal the ACA are evolving daily. We need to stay ahead of these attacks while keeping out communities informed and engaged. 

Folks who are in California should also feel empowered to call senators in other states, particularly if they have a personal story around health care to share. 

Sure, Senator Heller in Nevada is probably more likely to listen to folks who call and say they are Nevadans, but if someone is calling to share their story about how Medicaid expansion helped them get onto coverage and get preventive services that detected cancer and allowed them to get treatment early on, for example, it’s not like the aide who picks up the phone is going to hang up on you.  Also, and perhaps more importantly, one way or another this bill is going to come back to the House, and we haven’t forgotten the ENTIRE CALIFORNIA REPUBLICAN HOUSE DELEGATION that betrayed not just their constituents but ALL OF US back in May.

 Take Immediate Action 
  • July 4 Recess Toolkit to Protect Our Care from Families USA (although the recess is over, here are very useful messages and tactics) 
  • Resistance Near Me  to find resistance events in/near your zip code
Protecting Medi-Cal 

NHELP (National Health Law Program) is releasing a 12-part series on the importance of California’s Medicaid program, Medi-Cal. Here are first 6 issues:

Senate Bill Analysis (BCRA)

Rural Health

  • CNN published an article about the impact of BCRA on rural hospitals. The article links to a recent white paper by the Chartis Center for Rural Health.  

  • A Kaiser Family Foundation report finds that 38 counties in Nevada, Indiana, and Ohio are at risk of having no insurer in the marketplace in 2018.

The Impact of Any Type of Repeal

Repealing the ACA without a replacement continues to be under consideration, here are some resources that examine how such legislation could affect health care coverage in every state.

Reproductive Health 
Maternity Care

Maternity Care keeps staying on the chopping block. Here are the consequences of removing maternity care in California. 

Story collecting + Other resources
  • NHeLP is looking for stories from health consumers who had a positive experience with Medicaid to help us highlight its importance and protect the program from cuts. If you or someone you know would be willing to share their story with us, please send them to (English) or (Spanish).  NHELP has many more resources available – Full list here.
  • Set up a virtual phone bank in your own home. Organizing for Action will help get you set up, and even provide training! Sign up here to host a phone bank, big or small, it’s easy! Or sign up as a volunteer and be placed with a phone bank in your area.

If you have any questions about these materials, please contact Juana Rosa at jrcaveroatreproducitvefreedomcadotorg.