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February Membership Meeting – CCRF in Los Angeles
February 17, 2017

Our February membership meeting was held in Los Angeles (Burbank- actually) with over 30 members in attendance.
Thank you all for being so present and engaged during our CCRF meeting. Amy Chen, Fabiola Carrion (NHELP) and Amy Moy (Essential Access Health) provided us a thorough presentation of the Threats to Medi-Cal, ACA, and FPACT. We left the meeting with a level understanding of the programs and how cuts will impact CA (and nation).
Myra Duran (CLRJ) and Cammie Dodson (PWN) also led us in a discussion on how we can more actively practice and recognize intersectional issues affecting communities.
Finally, we finished the day lifting up messages and strategies that acknowledge the threats, which are much clearer and specific, yet are not solely reactionary.
See you all in Sacto in April!


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