National Clinic Access Project releases its 2014 report on Clinic Violence

Feminist Majority Foundation releases its 2014 report on Clinic Violence.

Excerpted from the Executive Summary:

The 2014 National Clinic Violence Survey is the first comprehensive nationwide survey of women’s health clinics since the summer of 2010. The Survey found that the most severe types of anti-abortion violence1 continue to impact 19.7% of clinics nationwide. Although this is down from the 23.5% of clinics nationwide that reported experiencing severe violence in 2010, that nearly 1 in 5 clinics experience severe violence is unacceptable.

The survey results show a clear need for continued prosecution of anti-abortion extremists to counter the ongoing unacceptably high levels of severe violence, and the trends of higher levels of targeted intimidation and threats of violence, which have proved in the past to be precursors to severe violence.


Find the full report here: 2014 report on clinic violence