Juana Rosa Cavero
Director, California Coalition for Reproductive Freedom 

With a strong commitment to social justice, Juana Rosa Cavero has dedicated her career to co-creating transformative change with myriad communities that support and advance positive health and well-being.

As Director of the Reproductive Justice Coalition of Los Angeles, Juana Rosa led over 25 organizations in advocacy campaigns for reproductive and sexual health. Globally, while at the Pacific Institute for Women’s Health, she provided technical assistance in program development and grants management to community-based organizations in the U.S., Sudan, Uganda, Peru and Guatemala, as part of a project of the World Bank. Her passion for reproductive justice began in 2003, when she served as Board Chair of the Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights, leading the organization to become a national model of young women-led leadership.

Juana Rosa brings a strong collaborative spirit, as well as the ability to coordinate various campaigns and projects. While at the Advancement Project (California), Juana Rosa led collaborative projects with multi sector partners in civic engagement, public accountability, and community health and development. Additionally, in the field of tobacco prevention and control, she conducted the implementation of the statewide smoke-free law in communities of color for the Colorado Tobacco Education and Prevention Alliance and the Latino/a Research & Policy Center.

Juana Rosa is an alum of the Women’s Policy Institute of California and successfully passed legislation to improve government efficiency in protecting farm workers from overexposure to pesticides. She is also an alum of the the CoreAlign Generative Innovation Project at the University of California San Francisco, which brings leaders to cross cultivate innovative ideas that increase gender parity. Juana Rosa is mother to two super active and intelligent kids!