Celebrating Reproductive Freedom Week 2020

Reproductive Freedom Week is CCRF’s annual statewide event offering people across California the opportunity to learn about cutting edge policy issues in the reproductive health, rights and justice movement, and experience advocacy firsthand.

To combat our current pandemic, #RFW2020 became our very first completely virtual event where we advocated for communities most affected. We conducted over 20 visits in regions across the state: Central Valley, Los Angeles, Bay Area, and Orange County!

At #RFW2020, we spoke with our legislators to ensure sexual and reproductive health remains essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, RFW highlighted 3 bills (AB 732, AB 1973, and SB 885) in hopes of protecting sexual and reproductive health for those incarcerated, pregnant, and those needing STD care.

On top of our meetings, #RFW2020 also hosted a virtual advocacy training with participants across the state to protect and advance reproductive freedom in California.