2020 Reproductive Freedom Week

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What is Reproductive Freedom Week?

Reproductive Freedom Week gives people across California the opportunity to learn about cutting edge policy issues in the reproductive health, rights and justice movement, and experience advocacy firsthand.

This year #RFW2020 will be conducting virtual visits in regions across the state: Central Valley, Los Angeles, San Francisco & Oakland, and the OC!

#RFW2020 we will host a virtual statewide advocacy training event to protect and advance reproductive freedom in California. 

We’ll be providing language and messaging around our bill docket so you can advocate effectively with your legislator and tell your story for reproductive freedom in your community. Please register for RFW and join us for our webinar, April 1, 6pm-7pm!

Image Description: Yellow border with purple stars with green text that reads, “Statewide Advocacy Webinar April 1, 2020 6pm-7pm”. Underneath, black text reads: “Gearing up for #RFW2020, CCRF presents a virtual training on protecting and advancing reproductive freedom in CA!”

#RFW2020 is an opportunity to bring the issues HOME! At #RFW2020 you will meet with your legislator at the district office about current legislation and budget issues that will protect and advance reproductive freedom.

Why RFW Matters:

Every year, proposed bills are voted by legislation where they pass or fail to become laws. During RFW, we hold meetings with our district offices to bring attention to bills that advocate for our sexual and reproductive freedom. This year, CCRF will be highlighting 3 different bills in hopes of having these bills passed. We need your voice and advocacy to make RFW happen!

Interested in joining us?

Please be sure to register and check back on our website and social media for any information we’ll be announcing soon.