Reproductive Freedom Week 2021

We did it! #RFW 2021:

March 29 – April 2, 2021 🎉

CCRF’s annual statewide event, Reproductive Freedom Week, offered people across California the opportunity to learn about cutting edge policy issues in the reproductive health, rights and justice movement, and experience advocacy firsthand. 

After a tumultuous past few years and an economic and health crisis that continued to disproportionately devastate communities across the country and state, we collaborated with adjacent movements, advocates young and old, legislators and our neighbors to ensure that reproductive freedoms remains protected for all. 

Access to birth control, abortions, timely mammograms, comprehensive sexual health education, safe maternal care, healthy births – these are just a few examples of basic reproductive freedoms we must strive to continue to protect and advance. 

To be bold in our fight for sexual and reproductive freedom and justice, #RFW2021 advocated for SB 245, SB 306, and SB 65.